SUPReMM Integration RPM Installation Guide

Install RPM Package

# yum install xdmod-supremm-x.x.x-x.x.*.noarch.rpm

Configure SUPReMM module

See the Configuration Guide for details.

Check Open XDMoD Portal

After successfully installing and configuring the SUPReMM package you should check the Open XDMoD portal to make sure everything is working correctly. By default, the SUPReMM data is only available to authorized users, so you must log into the portal. After logging in there should an additional tab visible named “Job Viewer”. In addition to the new tab, the “SUPREMM” realm should be visible in the “Usage” and “Metric Explorer” tabs.

Note that the admin user that was created in the Open XDMoD does not have a user role by default and therefore cannot view SUPReMM data. If you login to XDMoD using the admin user account you will see a popup dialog box with the error message “Job Viewer: The Quick Job Lookup resource list failed to load. (The role to which you are assigned does not have access to the information you requested.)”. If you try to select SUPReMM realm data in the Usage tab then you should see an “access denied” message box. These messages should not be seen when accessing the portal using a normal account that has user role. If desired, a user role can be added to the admin account using the “User Management” tab in the XDMoD Dashboard.