Upgrade → Job Performance module

General Upgrade Notes

The Job Performance (SUPReMM) XDMoD module should be upgraded at the same time as the main XDMoD software. The upgrade procedure is documented on the XDMoD upgrade page. The ingestion and aggregation script aggregate_supremm.sh must be run after the XDMoD software has been upgraded.

8.5.1 to 9.0.0 Upgrade Notes

This upgrade fixes an issue with the job efficiency categorization. This issue did not affect any functionality in the 8.5 release, but resulted in incorrect values stored in the datawarehouse aggregate tables. These values are used by the new drill down function for Job Efficiency dashboard component and so must be updated to the correct values. If this reaggregation step is not run then the list of jobs in the drilldown could include jobs that are not categorized as inefficient.

After the XDMoD upgrade procedure has completed the following command should be run:

/usr/share/xdmod/tools/etl/etl_overseer.php --last-modified-start-date 2000-01-01 -p jobefficiency.aggregation -p jobefficiency.joblist

This will reaggregate all job efficiency data.