Install → PCP Data collection

The PCP software should be installed on each compute node and configured so that data are collected:

  • At the start of every job
  • 10, 20 and 30 seconds after job start
  • Periodically during the job (recommended 30 seconds)
  • At the end of every job

The archive data for each node are stored on a shared filesystem for subsequent processing by the job summarization software.

Obtain the suggested version of PCP (3.12.2)

We have tested the install and configuration on Centos 7.


The “Set Me Up” link on the bintray website provides instructions for adding a yum repository, otherwise the files can be individually downloaded from the “Files” link.

Install the desired modules on all compute nodes you wish to monitor

For a full install with all monitors that have been tested with XDMoD:

# yum install pcp-3.*.x86_64.rpm pcp-conf-3.*.x86_64.rpm pcp-libs-3.*.x86_64.rpm \
           pcp-libs-devel-3.*.x86_64.rpm pcp-pmda-gpfs-3.*.x86_64.rpm \
           pcp-pmda-lustre-3.*.x86_64.rpm pcp-pmda-libvirt-3.*.x86_64.rpm \
           pcp-pmda-mic-3.*.x86_64.rpm pcp-pmda-nfsclient-3.*.x86_64.rpm \
           pcp-pmda-nvidia-gpu-3.*.x86_64.rpm pcp-pmda-perfevent-3.*.x86_64.rpm \
           pcp-pmda-slurm-3.*.x86_64.rpm pcp-system-tools-3.*.x86_64.rpm \
           perl-PCP-LogImport-3.*.x86_64.rpm perl-PCP-PMDA-3.*.x86_64.rpm \

PMDAs are the modules that monitor the actual subsystems you are interested in.

  • The packages that are strictly required:
    • pcp
    • pcp-libs
    • pcp-libs-devel
    • pcp-conf
    • perl-PCP-PMDA
    • python-pcp
# yum install pcp-3.*.x86_64.rpm pcp-libs-* pcp-conf-3.*.x86_64.rpm \
  perl-PCP-PMDA-3.*.x86_64.rpm  python-pcp-3.*.x86_64.rpm


  • pcp-pmda-nvidia-gpu
    • Depends on Nvidia NVML
  • pcp-pmda-perfevent
    • Depends on libpfm
  • pcp-pmda-slurm
    • Depends on the SLURM perl bindings
  • pcp-pmda-gpfs
    • Depends on the GPFS mmfs tools being installed
  • pcp-pmda-infiniband
    • Depends on the libmad and libumad packages