Upgrade → Job Performance module

General Upgrade Notes

The Job Performance (SUPReMM) XDMoD module should be upgraded at the same time as the main XDMoD software. The upgrade procedure is documented on the XDMoD upgrade page. The ingestion and aggregation script aggregate_supremm.sh must be run after the XDMoD software has been upgraded.

8.1.0 to 8.5.0 Upgrade Notes

  • This upgrade includes database schema changes.
    • Modifies modw_supremm schema.
    • Modifies the modw_aggregates.supremmfact_by_ tables.

The modw_supremm.job and modw_supremm.job_error table have extra columns to store metrics about job I/O. These columns are added to the tables by the upgrade script.

See the Configuration Guide for information about how to define the data mapping for the new I/O metrics.

Changes to the mapping only affect the statistics for job data ingested after the configuration file is modified. The metrics for jobs that have already been ingested are not automatically updated. To update the data for existing jobs it is necessary to reset the job ingest status and then run the ingest and aggregation script.

If you do not update the data mapping then you do not need to perform the reset step (1) but the aggregation script in step (2) must always be run after an upgrade

Resetting the job ingest status and re-ingesting the data is done as follows:

1) Reset the job ingest status for all jobs on each HPC resource:

$ /usr/lib64/xdmod/xdmod-supremm-admin --action reset --resource [RESOURCE] -d

The amount of time this script takes depends on the number of jobs. In a test run for a resource that had approximately 2 million jobs it took approximately 20 minutes to reset the status.

2) Run the ingest and aggregation script:

$ aggregate_supremm.sh


The aggregate_supremm.sh script has to be run after the upgrade script is run. If the aggregate script is not run then the error

SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'jf.netdir_util_write' in 'where clause'

will be displayed in the XDMoD Usage tab and Metric Explorer tabs when trying to plot data for the SUPREMM realm.