Upgrade → Job Performance module

General Upgrade Notes

The Job Performance (SUPReMM) XDMoD module should be upgraded at the same time as the main XDMoD software. The upgrade procedure is documented on the XDMoD upgrade page.

NOTE: the recommended MySQL/MariaDB database settings have changed and must be updated. See the XDMoD Software Requirements for details.

7.5.1 to 8.0.0 Upgrade Notes

  • This upgrade includes database schema changes.
    • Modifies modw_supremm schema.
    • Modifies modw_aggregates schema.

The modw_supremm.batchscripts table is deprecated and is replaced by the modw_supremm.job_scripts table. The contents of the batchscripts table are migrated to the job_scripts table by the xdmod-upgrade script. The batchscripts table is not deleted automatically, but can be safely dropped from the database after a successful upgrade.

The modw_supremm.jobstatus table was used to track the aggregation status of each row in the modw_supremm.job table. The jobstatus table is not longer used and is removed by the upgrade. The modw_supremm.job table now has an extra column that stores the modification time for each row.

The modifications to the modw_aggregates schema are made by the aggregation software. These run automatically the first time aggregate_supremm.sh runs after the upgrade.